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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can I contact if I have a question about The LCL Show or product?

For questions and concerns about the show or LCL products, please visit the contact us page. Send us an email.

How old do I have to be to come on the show?

18 years or older are allowed to come on the show. All minors under the age of 18 must be accompained by an adult and have proof of age. A high school I.D, birth certificate, or passport may act as proof of age for those under the age of 18.

What am I allowed to wear on the show?

Please dress nicely. You will be on camera. We recommend business casual or upscale/ trendy attire. Feel free to dress professionally according to the businss or brand you represent. Dressy jeans are permitted. We do not allow any one to wear shirts with large Logo's, and offensive attire of any kind. We reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone inappropriately dressed.

Can I bring extra guests with me who will not be on the show?

No! No extra guests will be allowed into the studio during taping who's not apart of the show or who has not submitted proper identification to be in the studio. Extra guests who are not on the guest list will not be permitted inside the studio, there will be no exceptions!

If the taping is cancelled or rescheduled, will I be reimburse for travel expenses?

No. The LCL Show do not reimburse travel expenses due to show cancellations.

Can I bring a gift for the show host?

Yes. Gifts are welcomed for the show host. NOTE: All gifts will be searched thoroughly.

What happens if I'm late to the show?

We ask that all scheduled guest arrive on time or 15 minutes early before show time. All guests who are scheduled to appear on the show will be allowed a 15 minute grace period after their scheduled arrival time. After the 15 minute grace period has passed, the show will be canceled. If more than one guest is scheduled to apper on the show, and the main guest (whoever the show is about) show up on time and rest are passed there 15 minute grace period, the guests who arrives on time will have a choice to cancel or proceed with the shows taping without everyone else.

What information goes on The LCL Show flyer?

Only the brand or business name & Logo, as well as a picture and name of the guest represting that brand or business will appear on the show flyer. No websites, No business address, No social media links, No P.O Boxes, & etc. will go on the flyer unless paid for by that brand or business, rater paid sponsorship or not! No exceptions.

What are the Sponsored guest/s requirements for show apperances?

If The LCL Show sponsored your interview all guest who will appear on The LCL Show are required to share the show's flyer on all their social media sites and tag The LCL Show, as well as gather 5 other people you may know to do the same. All guests and the 5 others they may know are also required to Subscribe to our YouTube page @ Latasha Conscious Lifestyle. No exceptions.

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