Removable protective wheel cover, safe, and carefully protected for beginners to prevent accidents.

The intelligent rebound design, when the Abdominal Exercise Roller is pushed to the tight state, there will be a rebound function to easily reset.

Tire texture design, non-slip wear-resistant, stable and safe, does not slip, does not damage the floor.

The two-wheel balance design has strong bearing capacity, uniform force and improved safety.

Widening the track and increasing the contact area with the ground, effectively reducing the sway in the left and right direction.

Sponge grip for comfortable slip. Long thick steel pipe is used to prevent deformation and ensure safe use.

When the Abdominal Exercise Roller is pushed forward, the inner spring will be tightened. When the person pushes the parallel state, the spring reaches a tight state, and the brake is automatically braked to stop pushing forward, so as to avoid causing injury due to excessive push.

Each set is given a cushion to better match your belly pumping rhythm

Abdominal Exercise Roller

  • Name: Abdominal Exercise Roller

    Material: PP+PVC+ steel pipe

    Size: 50*18*15cm

    Single weight: 1.3kg

    Please Read:

    1. The two rounds are marked with “L” and “R” respectively, representing “Left” and “Right” respectively.

    2. Please hold the marked side with the left and right hands, because the direction of the spring can not be mistaken, otherwise it will cause damage to the instrument.





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