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LCL Detox Tea Erase Any Unwanted Toxins, Slimming Aid Detox Tea


Enjoy a cup of LCL Sekret Herbal Detox Tea to cleanse the body and erase any unwanted toxins. Best used as a slimming aid in combination with Sekret LCL, Burn Syrup and Control Capsules. For best results use in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.




People looking to improve their health People looking to improve their wellbeing People seeking high levels of fitness People looking to mantain a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price tag


Detox Herbal Tea

SKU: 600310126492
  • Per Teabag
    Rooibos tea 600mg
    Honey bush 300mg
    Black tea 600mg
    Green tea 400mg
    Peppermint leaves 80mg
    Dandelion root cut 20mg
    Senna pods 50m

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