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(5 pack) Iaso Tea Instant has numerous important health benefits. It hydrates, it helps us flush out our system, it energizes us, and more. The benefits of this tea are all in the blend. Basically, it contains all the same strong ingredients and wonderful taste as the regular Iaso herbal intestinal cleansing and slimming teas. Indeed, Iaso developed an original formula that proved to be incredibly popular, and this is still available as well. The Iaso Tea Instant is different only because it is instant and therefore portable and far more convenient. Plus, it contains soluble fibers, which means it helps with natural bowel movements as well, further focusing on the cleansing and detoxing properties.

(5 pack) Instant Iaso Tea

SKU: 0019
  • The Iaso Tea Instant blend is completely unique. It ensures the colon cleanses itself in a gentle way, providing the body with an all natural detox. Doing so means that the body is able to become balanced again and some scientists even suggest that it enables the body to better absorb nutrients. Iaso has a number of other health products available as well, and they can be used together with the Iaso Tea Instant for further synergistic benefits. That being said, using the product on its own, without any of the other wellness and health supplements, still makes it highly beneficial.