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Contents Includes: (1) Slimming Gel, (1) Ab Sweat Band, & (1) Botlle Super Cleanse

Super Cleanse contains 20 Capsules: Is a detox used as a combination of powdered ozonated magnesium oxides that releases incipient oxygen in some cases over a 12hr period. These magnesium capsules also help your body combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle including fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, and environmental toxicity. When introduced to the body Super Cleanse releases oxygen when passing through the intestinal track, kidneys, and bladder nurturing the aerobic (good bacteria) helping your digestive system to operate properly and cleansing your body.


Organic fat/ cellulite melting gel: Topical Gel that is said to target fat cells. Creates a portable sauna-like environment that enhances heat production and helps balance problem areas during your workout. The natural ingredients works in tandem to help you burn fat deposits in problem areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs. If you wish to to reduce weight in other areas of the body, rub a generous amount of gel. 


A Ab Sweat Band used to fasten around the abdominal area. It generates heat from the middle area of the body. Which enables your body to sweat off excess weight. The Ab Sweat Band gives you a slimming effect which is great for personal use and ideal for a fit you, as it contributes to weight loss and supports your back if you have posture problems. You won’t feel pain unlike corsets and other waist trainers which gives you limited mobility and you feel like a robot.

Slim Me Now Kit

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