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Latasha Handsborough, the founder and host of a popular social media talk show titled “The L.C.L Show” is pleased to have brought in over 300,000 thousand views in less than a year. With her own social media talk show, Latasha won over the hearts of many with her great personality and positive energy. Juggling many roles, and wearing many hats, Latasha decided to give back by reaching out to other’s who also had talents or inspiring stories to come on her show. Latasha continues to build her empire while encouraging others because she knows what it’s like to have a vision and passion but no one to believe in her, which inspired her motto: “We Coming Thru The Roof”. In 2019 Latasha released a book titled “Brunch-N-Fit" which aims at educating people on how to exercise in the comfort of their homes while preparing tasty dishes at the same time. The book includes some of Latasha’s favorite brunch recipes, combined with some of her most effective exercises.

Latasha strives to bring class, style, vigor and personality into into the lives of others. As a mother with a full-time job, she is also an entrepreneur and understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to have an improved quality of life. Her goal is to motivate other individuals and let them know that they can be, and do whatever it is they want in life, according to their belief.

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