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THE LCL SHOW, airs new episodes on Facebook, and YouTube Social Media sites, @Latasha Conscious Lifestyle. If selected to virtually appear on the show please plan accordingly. All guest will receive an email requesting specific information that has to be returned within 48 hrs. 

Show Ideas:

  • Have a established business & want to bring awareness?  

  • Are you an entrepreneur? Have a  business or nonprofit?

  • How well do you think you know your significant other?

  • Single & looking for a soulmate? 

  • Are you a motivational speaker or influencer?

  • Do you have an ideal? 

  • Want to publicly apologize to someone?

  • Are you a new author?

  • Got talent? Can you sing, rap, dance, draw etc.?

  • Are you a single parent & want to share your story? 

  • *Don't see what your looking for? Tell us your story..                       

THE LCL SHOW, airs new episodes every Wednesday at 7pm on Facebook, and YouTube Social Media sites, @Latasha Conscious Lifestyle. If selected to appear on the show You Must Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (Latasha Conscious Lifestyle). All guest must complete a show waiver, no exceptions, no later than 7 Days before their approved guest appearance. Please plan accordingly.  


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Before submitting this form please be advised if chosen, you may only be booked on a Wednesday the show host has available. LCL has the right to cancel, and change any show date at any time without any notice. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. I have read the terms and conditions

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