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The Ab Sweatband66 is effective for changing your appearance faster than any other waist shaper worn over time. As the Ab Sweatband66 snatches you around the waist, your abdominal muscles adapt to fit your shape. One reason the Ab Sweatbands66 are popular may be the "snatched-waist" effect they create when worn under clothing, or while working out and the fact that they cover majority of your abdominal area. The results eventually starts to become visiable and stay even when you're not wearing the Ab Sweatband66. You may also enjoy some of the benefits, like improving your posture, and weight loss.


 Fasten your Ab Sweatband66 around the abdominal area. It generates heat from the middle area of the body. Which enables your body to sweat off excess weight. The Ab Sweatband66 gives you a slimming effect which is great for personal use and ideal for a fit you, as it contributes to weight loss and supports your back if you have posture problems. You won’t feel pain unlike corsets and other waist trainers which gives you limited mobility and makes you feel like a robot. Wear the Ab Sweatband66 on top of a thin tank top or shirt. The LCL Ab Sweatband66 has a....

  • Slimming effect
  • Diet Reminder
  • Reduce Belly fat
  • Improves posture

Ab Sweatband 66

Black: Black
    • The Ab Sweat Band contains steel bones, which could break in the washing machine.You cannot place the Ab Sweat Band in the dryer. ... Make sure you soak the Ab Sweat Band a few good times in water with the detergent and rinse the Ab Sweat Band afterwards with cold water. You can dry the Ab Sweat Band on a drying rack.
    • Wear the Ab Sweatband on top of a thin tank top or shirt. Only wear your Ab Sweatband 1 – 2 hours the first time you wear it. Repeat this step several times over the first several days of breaking in your Ab Sweat Band. This applies not just to those who wish to slim their stomach area, but also to those who have purchased the Ab Sweat Band for a special occasion like a wedding or event. Listen to your body and take it slow!
    • If you plan on slimming your stomach, back & waist, the keyword is “gradually.” Don’t tighten to the point where it’s painful. We recommend gradually increasing your time from 1 hour a day to around 6-8 hours a day over the course of 10-14 days. Take your time getting the Ab Sweat Band down tighter ... don’t rush it! We know you want to see your results TODAY, but you risk hurting yourself if you try too much too soon.
    • Give yourself a break. Even the most aggressive Ab Sweat Bands take days off. You will find that some days you can wear your Ab Sweat Band for many hours, and other days only for a few.
    • Partner your Ab Sweat Band with a healthy diet and exercise regimen … specifically core strengthening exercises. If you take care of your body, you’ll have a great chance of seeing results and feeling great both in and out of your Ab Sweat Band.
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