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The LCL Show

Talk Show

The LCL Show was founded by Latasha in 2017. Latasha is talented, has a high energy level, and loves people. Most importantly she loves cooking and feeding others. One day Latasha woke up with a vision of starting her own talk show where she can interview those who wanted to showcase their businesses, special talents, and cooking skills, but had no clue where to start. She also knew that she needed recording equipment, but did not have the money to purchase it. Without any excuses Latasha used her personal cell phone to start her talk show, and named it The LCL Show. "Watch Out Nah"


The LCL RadioShow

Radio Show

Watch out nah! Latasha is your new radio host personality every 4th Wednesday of every month. It all started in 2019, when the Mz. Milli Productions, contacted The LCL Show with the amazing opportunity to host a radio show in West Palm Beach, Florida, which Latasha could not turn down. Latasha knew very little about radio, but had the faith of a mustard seed, and quickly learned. She then decided to take that same energy from her talk show, and bring it to radio, adding her own little twist! Be sure to tune in to The LCL Radio Show, every 4th Wednesday for more updates.